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This is a mobile Banking is a service for Amicans that enables them to access a variety of banking, money transfer and payment services from the comfort of their mobile phones.

Members will be able to access the service by dialing the USSD code *298# and eventually on mobile application.This channel provides customers with unrivaled ease in accessing and transacting on their accounts.

The services that are available are:

My Account Account balance
Mini statement
Locate Branch
Change PIN
Funds Transfer Internal Transfer
Another member
MPESA transfers Withdraw to MPESA
To my phone
To another phone
Pay-bill transfers To Members account
To another Person
Airtime top-up To my phone
To another Number
Loan Application Request loan
Loan Terms
Pay Loan

How to sign in:

  • Visit your branch and request to be signed up for the solution
  • Fill in the Amicash application form
  • You will receive your PIN for logging in after you have been signed up by Amica Personnel.
  • Upon receipt of the PIN via SMS on your mobile phone, log in to USSD Mobile Banking with your PIN by dialing *298# on your mobile phone.
  • Change your PIN to one you are most comfortable with.

Ensure that:

  1. Your ID/Passport number is correct
  2. Your names appear exactly as your ID/Passport or as per Amica existing data
  3. Your date of birth is entered correctly e.g. (12121990)
  4. You give correct mobile phone number


You can also make an enquiry.

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