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Help Center

1. Why have you rebranded?

We listen to our clients. They said, Be more inclusive. Be national. Open up branches everywhere so you can grow. To do this we needed to work on an identity that would be usable in other markets/geography.

We appreciate your inputs and feedback. In this regard, we are taking heed to the need for change.

2. Why the new name/identity?

With a new name comes a new beginning and a symbol of hope for a great future.

Our new name means true friendship with an intention of achieving greatness in all aspects, transforming our members lives step by step.

3. How do we pronounce it?

It’s really simple. Pronounce it as it is written. The correct way is: A (as in Apple) MI (as in Me) and Ca (as in Car).

4. What does the name stand for?

Our name means friendship in the root language of Latin. We have coined it a little for uniqueness.

5. Why different colors?

We are moving away from the traditional colours that are associated with Saccos. (Green mainly). We also do not want to be restricted to the green that is mostly associated with Agricultural based rural Saccos. In any case we are mainstreaming our business to include other sectors, hence the need to align our visual language to this move. Blue has a deeper meaning for us as well:

Darker blue to show our professionalism and stability.

Green a slight usage of green to symbolize growth.

Red this is symbolic of boldness and warmth.

Light blue to exude loyalty and trust.

6. What are the new offerings?

Our promise is that the lives of everyone who joins us will achieve a measure of meaningful progress every day.

We are innovating on the IT side; the channels such as mobile, also the product and processes will change to make this sacco more suitable to our clients needs.

7. Will this affect my money/account?

No. The money already saved will remain safe and untouched.

8. Will I need to re-register?

No. The responsibility to migrate accounts to match the new brand identity is entirely ours; we may however call you to verify a few things, as is normal procedure during such an exercise.

9. How will old facilities/loans be handled?

Nothing much will change here. We will honor all old commitments. It is part of our DNA.

10. Have your contacts changed?

Our phone number are (060) 203 0254 and 0729 333 444.

All others remain the same. However, we notify you in case of any changes.

11. Will the bank account change?

No. Our bank account number still remains as it previously was.

However, our new bank account name is Amica Savings and Credits.

12. Will the Murata brand heritage be completely lost?

No. We are simply building onto the already cultivated heritage. We are proud of our achievements however humble.

But we want greater things for Murata, now Amica, hence the new change.

13. Why should you care about the rebrand?

This is your Sacco. Will always be yours. Take ownership.

This is an opportunity to enjoy better services and to be associated with the fastest growing Sacco.

14. What does the change mean?

Our members of staff have gone through vigorous training so that they can be more informed and proactive in their tasks. We will offer you better service in a clean environment, be more reliable and approachable.

We will offer you products that you actually need, faster and more efficiently. In addition to this, we also want to make returns to you our member so divided will be coming your way as we grow.

15. What happens if I had applied for a loan before the rebrand?

If your loan application was yet to be approved, and was being processed, we may require you to fill a new application form. All the same, we will still process the loan application based on the information you had already given. The filling in of new forms will be a matter of documentation/formality.

If your loan application had already been approved, we will give you a letter of offer under the new brand name, Amica.