Amica Ventures

Amica Ventures is a subsidiary of Amica Savings & Credit aimed at meeting members’ and non-members’ land & housing needs.


  • Access investment opportunities in properties.
  • Land/plots are availed at affordable rates.
  • No extra security is required in case financing is sought to buy the land/plot from Amica Sacco.
  • Avail an opportunity for members to put up low-cost houses using modern technologies.
  • Free advice on land and real estate investment availed on request*

 Payment plan: 30% deposit and the balance payable within 6 months.

 A cash discount offer of 2% is allowed for cash buyers.

Available plots

  1.  Orchard Gardens Kambirwa
    Plot Size: 50*100 

    Located along Muranga-Kwa Samaki Road next to National Oil Petrol Station.

    Amenities: Electricity, Water, Schools

    Price: Ksh 800,000

    Remaining plots: 21

  2. Eden View Phase II- Githuri

Plot Size: 50*100

Location: Opposite Nokras Riverine Sagana, 100M from the Muranga- Sagana Highway

Amenities: Electricity, Water, Schools

Price:  Ksh 700,000
Remaining plots: 1

3. Eden View Phase I- Githuri

Plot Size: 50*100

Location: Near sport pesa stadium, 5 minutes to rapid camp sagana, 300M from Karemenu High School

Amenities: Electricity, Water, Schools

Price:  Ksh 350,000
Remaining plots: 26

4. Leisure Garden Estate

Plot size: 50*100

Location: Kabati- Gikono, 9KM from Muranga -Thika Highway

Amenities: Electricity, Water, Schools, Chiefs camp

Price:  Ksh 850,000
Remaining plots: 0

5. Joska Kamulu 

Plot size: 50*100

Location: 850M from Muthwani shopping centre

Amenities: Electricity & Water on site

Price:  Ksh 400,000
Remaining plots: 12

6. Nyeri Kiawara

Plot size: 100*100

Location: 850M from Kiawara – Narumoro Road

Amenities: Electricity, School, Dccs office & Water 

Price:  Ksh 260,000
Remaining plots: 25

7. Kenol Gitura

Plot size: 50*100

Location: 500M from Muranga Thika highway

Amenities: Electricity & Water on site

Price:  Ksh 950,000
Remaining plots: 0

8. Kambirwa Phase I

Plot size: 50*100

Location: 850M from Malewa primary school

Amenities: Electricity, Water & school 

Price:  Ksh 270,000
Remaining plots: 0


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