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We aim at:

  1. Offering investment opportunities in properties.
  2. Facilitating our shareholders, Amica members and the public in general in acquiring land/plots at affordable rates which can in turn be used as collateral for loans.
  3. Providing facilitation to put up low cost houses using modern technologies.
  4. Facilitating our shareholders to invest in properties
  5. Handling non-core functions beneficial to our members, which are restricted under the SACCO society regulatory framework.

To become a shareholder


The following are eligible to become shareholders of the company:

  • Members of Amica Savings and Credits Limited.
  • Delegates of Amica. Board of Amica Savings and Credits Limited.
  • Employees of Amica Savings and Credits Limited.
  • Registered Self-Help and investment groups.
  • Societies.
  • Companies.
  • The public in general.


  • Be eighteen (18) years and above
  • Pay entrance fee of Ksh. 3000.
  • Buy 200 shares at Ksh. 100 each i.e. buy shares worth Ksh. 20,000.


  • Facilitation to acquire land/plot at affordable prices.
  • Facilitation to put up low cost houses using modern technologies.- provide actual images
  • Facilitates individuals, groups, companies to invest in income generating properties.
  • Share returns on investment in form of dividends.

Plots on Sale

1. Nyeri – Kiawara plots

1/4 Acre plots located in Nyeri – Kiawara town, along Nyeri – Nyahururu highway, 500m from DCs office.

  • Shareholders Ksh. 260,000
  • Non Shareholders Ksh. 300,000 

2. Sagana -Riandira plots

1/8 acre plots located in Sagana -Riandara 100m from Sagana – Makutano highway.

  • Shareholders Ksh. 550,000
  • Non-Shareholders Ksh 600,000

3. Kenol -Gitura Plots

1/8 acre plots located in Kenol town 1/2km from Kenol – Muranga Highway.

  • Shareholders Ksh. 1 Million1.6 Million
  • Non-Shareholders 20% above shareholders price.

4. Kenol Trotter Plots

Prime 40*80 plots located in Kenol town along Kenol -Sagana highway next to Trotters hotel and 100 meters from the highway.

  1. Tarmac Superhighway road
  2. Electricity and water
  3. Schools and churches within the vicinity.
  4. Size: 40 x 80 feets
  • Shareholders Ksh. 1.4Million
  • Non- Shareholders Ksh. 1.5Million

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